This service is for you if your text is already written and edited, and you want a final check and tidy-up before launching it to the world. It's your last chance to catch errors before publication.

A proofreading service will include a focus on:

  • Applying your style guide
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Consistency of capitalisation and hyphenation
  • Consistency of formatting and layout
  • Consistency of running heads, page numbers and references
  • Checking that headings and subheadings match the table of contents
  • Checking that captions match the illustration, table or figure
  • Checking for internal consistency
  • Flagging any ambiguity in the text

If you don't have a style guide, I will discuss your style preferences with you and create a style sheet for the work.

I am happy to work on Word or PDF documents, using either comment functions/Track Changes or traditional proofreading BSI marks. I can also work on hard copy using BSI marks. Let me know what you prefer, or I can talk through the different options with you.

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Copyediting is for you if you've written your text and are happy with the structure and content, but you want to make sure that your copy is clear, error-free and is pitched appropriately for your reader.

Like proofreading, copyediting will check for internal consistency; apply your style guide; and check spelling, grammar and punctuation. As copyediting comes earlier in the publishing process than proofreading, though, it can also focus on:

  • Clarifying ambiguity
  • Phrasing and word choice that is right for your reader
  • Repetition and clunky phrasing
  • Ensuring that writing is idiomatic
  • Applying Word styles
  • Preparing the text for typesetting, including cueing illustrations

I will work to your house style, or create a style sheet with you, and will mark up your text using Track Changes in Word.

Copyediting can also include line editing, a service that examines sentence- and paragraph-level language, smoothing and polishing to make sure that your writing shines.

But I'm on a budget...

I hear you! If you're an independent author on a budget, copyediting isn't any less important but it can easily feel out of reach. If this sounds like you, then I can provide a 'mini-edit' of either 3,000 or 5,000 words of your book.

You will get a marked up copy using Track Changes in Word and a short editorial report on your writing to help you edit the rest of your work effectively.

Please get in touch for details.


This service is for you if you want help crafting your message.

I am a qualified accountant with a professional background in international development, and an academic background in law, management and public policy. So I'm well placed to produce crisp, clear copy based on a solid understanding of your organisation and needs. 

A selection of the writing services I offer are listed below.

Bid writing

I specialise in bid writing and editing for charities and can help you to produce a concise and compelling bid. Having worked on large tenders for over 7 years, I understand the long, complex - and sometimes painful! - process of putting together a bid.

With so much technical expertise and logistical information to convey, it's easy for the finished product to become convoluted and to puzzle, rather than impress, your donor-to-be. 

I can work with you to clarify your key messages and distil them into a confident bid that tells the story of what your organisation can achieve, and how.

Business and operational documents

Annual reports, process notes, business plans ... Some people find these documents boring, but not me! I understand finance, governance and strategy and love knowing what makes it all tick. I can help you to turn even the most convoluted of financial data into copy that will have your reader nodding sagely not nodding off.

Case studies and promotional copy

Stories have power, and you too can use them. A lifetime lover of tales of all kinds, I can write stories that cut through the noise, grab your audience and inspire them to action.

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Plain English

I can proofread, copyedit or write text applying 'Plain English'. This is a style of writing that emphasises clarity for the reader.

When you write in Plain English, you are writing short, direct sentences in language that your readers will be familiar with. Plain English documents are organised and structured so that it is as easy a possible for readers to quickly find the important information.

This makes Plain English a great choice when you want to convey information or instructions.

For more information, the Plain English Campaign has made many of their resources freely available. The Oxford Guide to Plain English by Martin Cutts is also a great place to start.

If you're booking any of my services, let me know if you'd like me to use Plain English.